Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm OFFICIALLY a "Grown-Up" Blogger!

I've got some EXCITING news to share! I'm officially a "Grown-UP" Blogger!

That's because I've moved to a self hosted format on Wordpress. This was a tough decision for me b/c I love the ease of Blogger, in that I could do the majority of the design work and add widgets with the click of my mouse. However, since I've transitioned from personal blogging to professional blogging it was the next logical step. Especially since I want to OWN the traffic that I drive to my blog. So, I interviewed several designers and found one who was able to code my new blog to look exactly like this one. After all, I want my Millionaire Moms Media followers to recognize me in my new "home"!

This was an important lesson for me as a business woman. You must practice what you preach and clients often asked why I use Blogger but send them to Wordpress. I've also learned about "letting go" of things that someone can do FOR me so that I can focus on what I'm best at--helping people learn to use social media to grow their businesses. If you think you don't have the money to pay someone else, I want you to consider this thought: you either pay in money or time...but you STILL pay!

I am keeping this blog up only to let anyone who crosses this way know that I'm located at I'll see ya there!


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