Monday, August 6, 2007

Laughter Heals the Soul... boys are the CUTEST in the WORLD and I have the story to prove it!

On Saturday, I was totally bummed that my hubby had to go into work overtime on a project which meant that I would be with the boys ALL day by myself...again! That's not to say that I'm not happy to be at home with them, but ALL moms need a break--and I was at my breaking point, if you know what I mean.

Well, I decided that we deserved lunch out so we headed to Wendy's for a treat.

Just to set the stage for what I'm about to say, I have to let you know that YES I'm a country girl and YES I live in Texas and YES I have cowboy boots and YES I've worn them AND a cowboy hat in PUBLIC--and did I mention I drive a Ford Expedition???

Anyway, I was not in the best of moods and decided to throw on a little Hank Williams Jr. Good 'ole Bocephus sure can cure the blues. So, "A Country Boy Can Survive" came on and I cranked it up! During the chorus, however, I noticed that my boys were laughing hysterically in the back seat. Frustrated that they were ruining my "HANK" moment, I turned around and said, "What EXACTLY is so funny?" My 5 year old says, "He said that he can SKIN A BUTT!"

For those of you who AREN'T Hank Williams Jr. Fans, the ACTUAL words are "He can SKIN a BUCK"--as in a MALE deer! I laughed until tears ran down my face and I almost PEED my pants.

Needless to day, my blues were cured and I've got a PRECIOUS memory of sharing my love of Hank with my boys!

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

WHY settle for "Just Over Broke"????

I responded to another post last week where a fellow business owner wanted to know why so many want to just have a "job" and be someone's employee. Better yet, they want to be someone's "employee" from HOME! Very few are able to accomplish this goal. That's just the truth. If it were EASY to find an at-home-job, don't you think that MOST people would do it??

We, especially women, are raised to be BROKE! Think about it--we're taught get an education, get a JOB, participate in the 401k so that when you "retire" you'll have extra money to live on. We PLAN to be broke. Does that make sense to you??? It didn't to ME!!!

Don't get me wrong. I totally value the education I gained in order to be a nurse. However, I didn't get stuck in the mindset that working for someone else was the only way to have security. Just talk to a nurse manager who's been "downsized" for a new grad who'll work for LONGER hours at HALF the pay! This happens in ALL types of professions.

It IS frustrating to those of us who CHOOSE to be EXTRAORDINARY (and this is a conscious choice!) to deal with those who are happier than pigs in you-know-what just to be working for the "man". We can't understand why so many settle for mediocrity. You can avoid this frustration by following this advice: surround yourself with like-minded individuals. If you're job seeking, find someone who has the type of "job" that you want. If you want MORE than a "job" can offer, consider ALL your business options.

Ask yourself this: Who are your CLOSEST 5 friends and how much INCOME do they earn??? What kind of lifestyle do they lead?? This will allow you to glimpse where you're headed. Doubt me? Ask yourself how many "broke" friends does a "rich" WOMAN have??? 0...otherwise she won't stay rich for long.

Here is my personal case study. When I started my OWN business 3 1/2 years ago, I can tell you that MANY of our friends and family voiced their opinions on the matter. I heard it all--especially because I had FAILED 4 times before. However, FAILURE is critical to SUCCESS. Not many people understand that. How can you know what to do right if you haven't tried it wrong???

Anyway, these family members and friends ALL lived paycheck to paycheck. They had NO dreams--NO vision. I didn't let THEIR lack of support stop me. I DUG in and WORKED like there was no tomorrow. I sacrificed and my family made sacrifices as well. I surrounded myself with those who were "Getting it DONE!"...not the one's who WISHED they were. I had MANY mentors...not all were part of my team or industry even. We can learn from many and I certainly did.

And you know what??? By the end of the FIRST year I had out earned everyone who we were associated with--even our most EDUCATED friends. I had a NEW vehicle PAID FOR by the company as a reward for my work and I was just getting started!

You may say, "WOW! You worked for a YEAR to reach you goal?" or "But I want it ALL and I want it NOW and I want it to be EASY and I want it to be FREE!!!"

But, if you do NOTHING today your TOMORROW will NEVER change!

Fast forward to now--- 3 1/2 years of effort total (less time than most spend in college getting a degree) and I'm on the verge of a SOLID 6 FIGURE income. I have a 2nd NEW vehicle sitting in the drive way paid for by the company I partnered with.

There is no more "paycheck to paycheck", dodging bill collectors or repo men for me. The BEST part is the FREEDOM to choose how to spend each day and the FREEDOM to CHOOSE who I work with.

Where are all the naysayers???? STILL in paycheck to paycheck HELL!

Hopefully you see my point.

Not ALL individuals are cut out to be entrepreneurs. Some are completely content letting someone else call the shots. Some expect LIFE and SUCCESS to be EASY! There is no such thing! Long-term success IS hard work--that's why it is called WORK.You won't find me wasting my time trying to CONVINCE someone that they can DO this--because the TRUTH is they can't...not if I had to convince them! WHY??? Because SUCCESS is a matter of CHOICE, not a matter of CHANCE!

Some of you moms reading this may AGREE with me. You may be screaming at your computer screen "RIGHT ON SISTAH!!!" and wonder, "What now?"

Find your passion, CHOOSE to become EXTRAORDINARY, SHUT up, STOP whining and GET TO WORK on reaching your goals! Then and ONLY then, will you find that you will spend the majority of your time letting others convince YOU that they are right for YOUR team.

Thanks for letting me share!

Edie--WAHM of 2