Friday, April 24, 2009

Proud Momma!

Well, it's a bitter sweet day for me. My babies are growing up and I have to admit that it's hard to watch sometimes. One of Life's little "secrets" is that time passes FAR too quickly.

Last night, my oldest was in his First Grade Musical: The Cheese Stands Alone. It was all about how it's "cool" to be different and stand up for what you believe in. YAY!

As I sat there in the gym (sweating like a pig!) amongst the other proud parents and grandparents, I wondered how many were really stopping to savor the moment. It won't be too much further in the future that he really WILL need to make some tough choices and I worry every day that I've done enough to help him make the right ones.

So my thought for today is this: Stop right now and take a minute to think about the last time you REALLY appreciated life's journey. And if it takes you LONGER than a minute to think of something, then you've got some work to do!

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  1. Wow! Congrats Mommy. Our oldest will be doing Kindergarten Graduation very soon and it too will be a bittersweet moment. One minute they are infants are you are thinking you can't wait "until this colicky stage is over" then they are in school. It goes SO fast!