Sunday, July 8, 2007

Urgency Counts!

Each day when I wake up I remind myself of 3 little words: "Sense of URGENCY!"

It may sound trite, but it gets the point across. Long ago, I learned that simple enthusiasm on FIRE is more productive than sophisticated knowlegde on ICE.

When I started my business in January of 2004, I knew that craziness would soon follow because of the URGENCY I felt to begin. I embraced that feeling. I was willing to ride the intensity that came along in order to move forward quickly. Recently, I read that "stress" is caused when you want to get somewhere but don't want to do what must be done in order to get there. I can honestly say that is SO true! Many people WANT success, but they don't want to DO anything to obtain it.

I didn't WAIT until I was "great" to begin. I just jumped right in! It was through DOING that I developed the skills necessary to propel me forward and sustain me for long term success.

Was I scared? Yes!

Was I uncertain? Yes!

Was it WORK?? Yes!!

Has it PAID off??? Yes...and it continues to do so each day.

Make TODAY the FIRST SUCCESSFUL day of the rest of your life~~Edie


  1. Wow! Neat topic, I really enjoyed reading it. I'm, always, in need of an inspirational phrase, and enthusiasm on fire really hit me today. Would you be interested in exchanging blog links?


  2. Edie- I know that feeling! And look what you have accomplished!